Thursday, 26 February 2015

Four Weeks In!

Hey Everyone!

It seems people have actually been looking at this blog!! I really thought no one would notice it but thanks to Google i can see that people have been popping in.

So here we are and yeah life is getting easier. Not gonna lie i have had some cheats. I was traveling to Toronto recently, and was on the bus. I thought i had packed a shake in my purse and didn't. I didn't notice till i got to my destination cause i was so packed in there that i didn't think it would be appropriate to ransack my purse in search of my shake and then potentially making a mess as i shake it up. I just had this image of spilling Optifast all over the gentleman sitting beside me!!

Anyway i got to my destination and i was STARVING!! I had only had one shake that day at it was already about 4:30pm. Looked in my purse no shake. All i had was at the bottom of my suitcase. So I went to the nearest place to eat and of ALL places it was McDonalds! So i had a BigMac, fries and coke...haha no just kidding. I had a grilled chicken salad with no dressing. Perfect. I couldn't even finish the whole thing but it just got me to a point where i felt human again.

For anyone interested in weight I'm down to 182/183 (i like 182 better but i gotta go with my scale rather than a friend's!)

I think what i find hardest part is not having different flavours and textures.  Everything tastes sweet and I'm kind of getting sick of anything sweet tasting. So 4 weeks in and im 13 lbs down so far. That's ok right? Hope all of you are doing well to? How are you handling everything?

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