Monday, 2 February 2015

Well That Wasn't so bad

Ok so end of day 2 ...It wasn't so bad today. Mind you i did take a 2 hour nap. I suddenly felt exhausted around 2:00pm and enjoyed myself a lovely nap before heading to work. I've been thinking about weighing myself. But it's only been two days. But you know how it is with the excitement and all.

I work as a PSW which means i work with people who have disabilities and the things i do range anywhere from company, to cooking a meal to showering someone, brushing their teeth, feeding them, and dressing them. So i need a lot of energy. I've been learning today how to pace my shakes so I'm not going to a shift tired. I typically wake up around 7:00am so my first shake is within that hour. As soon as i feel that energy dip, i take shake number 2 until i feel the next dip in energy and so on. I usually spread them about 4 hours apart. It was recommended that i do 3 hours but i just don't feel ready for the next shake by the 3 hour mark.

Am i the only one who feels like I get a big crash around 6:00pm? 

Tomorrow's going to be a big test. I work with 3 different clients between noon and 7:00pm. So it'll be a big test of my ability to balance the shakes and work. I'll keep you posted!1

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