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Hello!! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading as I share with you my weight loss journey. I've been large my whole life. I was a chubby little baby that turned into a chubby adult who turned into a beautiful curvy woman! About 3 years ago I wanted to lose a bit of weight, I saw a picture of myself (that I cant for the life of me find anymore) posed beside two of my friends and I just hated how I looked. Big and round and not pretty. So made a few changes, started going to the gym and eating slightly healthier. I dropped from my all time high of 206-150. How exciting!! Those small changes worked right?? Oh how wrong i was. I had hyperthyroidism and to make a long story short, with that being the primary cause of my weight loss, when that was treated my weight came back. This was despite even harder efforts to stay on track. Gym workouts and very strict eating and that guilty feeling I had every time I let myself have something unhealthy.

That was the planted seed that stuck with me. I had a taste of size 9 pants!!! My thighs, for the first time in my life did not rub and my usually very round face had small indents on the side. I've been chasing that ever since. But along the way i've learned to love my curves, to enjoy my big thighs and love the fact that I am a a plus sized beauty.

Now here I am, after 2 years 196 and somewhere in between happy with my body and not.  I want to have kids one day and be able to chase them. I want to go for light jogs where I'm not ready to turn around after one minute. But i want to stay the curvaceous person i've always been.

Optifast is such a small part of the journey. That biggest part is not the number of pant sizes you've gone down or the scale's number getting smaller. It's about your head. At least for me it is. Its the constant battle with my mind to remain in a space where I choose healthy living above the immediate satisfaction of a big mac (McD's French fries? Yes please!). Although an indulgence every once in a while is never something I want to shame myself for. Balance, that's what my story is about. I hope you enjoy being part of my journey as I try to find it.

Please feel free to share your story as well. I love hearing from people!!

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