Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Note To Self: Hot Coffee and Optifast do not mix!

The other day I thought I should mix my Optifast with coffee to get a good boost of energy.  Great idea, i thought to myself. Energy boost and you're allowed coffee so it's not a cheat! Im a genius!! Well genius me had no idea how badly that idea would go. The coffee was really hot, and it separated the powder and turned it into little clumps. Not pretty. I mixed and mixed and it didnt do a thing. So i tried mixing it in my Blentec high speed blender. Ok it worked, but it tasted terrible, my poor tastebuds. After a few stubborn tries, thinking I just need my caffeine fix I gave up altogether.

However in my class today at the clinic  I did discover the joys of cold coffee! Just add a teaspoon or two of instant coffee, maybe a bit of some flavour extract and there you have it. Let me tell you, there IS a God! I was getting so sick of various crystal light or MIO flavours in my Optifast. But this was my saving grace. I've tried it with chocolate and with vanilla and I dream I'm having a timmie's ice cap.

For anyone wondering about my cheat and how that went. I didnt lose weight this week. Between being sick and not being constant with taking my 4 shakes a day I gained 1.5lbs apparently. I thought it was more but who am I to argue with the smaller number?  Eight weeks left on pure Optifast and transition. I dont want to obsess over my numbers but dammit I have a goal weight in mind and i want to get there. But I just have to learn to be persistent!

If you have any tips or tricks to keeping on track let me know in the comments!!

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